My Style

My Style

MY STYLE – Written for The Evening Echo, October 2018 by Amy Jane Sheahan of My Little Mummy Blog.

A Little bit about me and my blog:
“My Little Mummy Blog” is a parenting and lifestyle blog with a fashionable twist.
Being a Mum is fantastic, but I am also a daughter, a wife, a sister and a friend and my life and style represent all those roles.

Describe my style:
I would describe my style as classic and quite simple.
I know my body shape well and I work around it, I don’t pay much attention to what other people are doing. I know what I like, and I know what works for me.

Favourite Designers:
Victoria Beckham for sure. I am currently eyeing up a velvet corduroy blazer and trouser suit online from her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Expensive though.
That’s the thing with designer pieces, I think it makes more sense to invest in designer handbags, belts or coats because the cost per wear ratio makes a lot more sense. So just say I purchase said Victoria Beckham suit, it is so distinguished looking that I might only wear it 4 or 5 times, whereas a Channel classic handbag I might wear 150 days a year for well, forever!

Favourite Shops:
Zara, Brown Thomas and when in Dublin Reiss.

Do you shop online:
Yes, and mainly from ASOS, however I have purchased quite a few bits from & Other Stories, Mango and Reiss as well.

Best Dressed People?
Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad (can you tell I was a fan of The Hills) but closer to home would be Pippa O Connor, The Style Fairy – Naomi Clarke, Retro Flame – Erica Fox.
These ladies keep it simple, classic, elegant but the key I feel, is the confidence.
Don’t be afraid to stand out, be brave, be playful but be true to you and what you feel comfortable and confident in.

Worst Dressed?
I’m not going to name someone because honestly, I have no one in mind but those who feel they are slaves to the current trends and wear them regardless of whether they represent you and who you are. We must remember that style is an expression of who we are, not who the runways or shop windows tell us we should be.

Best Buy/Bargain?
My White Leather Converse. I literally have worn them all summer long, with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses. They have been thrown into the washing machine every week and are still perfect. I will be sad to see them take a back seat in my wardrobe but excited to replace them with some flat biker boots, for now.

Worst Buy?
Probably my large Louis Vuitton tote bag, only because right now it doesn’t get much attention. As a Mum, I usually have the pram in toe and it is too big to stick on the side and the handles are too small to throw across the pram handle but rest assured that bad boy is going to get loads of outings once we are finished with the pram days.

Favourite item in my wardrobe right now?
My Camel Cashmere blend overcoat. I love the androgynous aesthetic and the over sized look, it feels so soft and works with everything. I wear it when I am all dressed up and all dressed down with jeans and runners.

What key pieces are you buying for Autumn?
A couple of good pairs of Wolford tights are a must for me but not just in Black, I recently purchased a Grey pair, like a light grey but in the classic Wolford strength and shine, amazing.
Rust, its all about Rust this season, a rich shade of tan for your raincoat, blazer or knits.
I feel polo necks will do well this Autumn/Winter but not your average polo neck, I am talking knits with a twist. Over sized polo necks with a peek of your skirt showing below or polo necks with cut out detailing, asymmetric hemlines, super large necklines.

Best Style tip?
Show your boobs or your legs, never both.


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