Today with a Teen, Tween & a Toddler!

Today with a Teen, Tween & a Toddler!

Currently, I am a stay at home Mum of a Teenager, a Tweenager and a Toddler so life is interesting to put it mildly.

Basically, our teenage boy’s whole world now revolves around the dreaded PlayStation. It has him up at the crack of dawn and engrossed until hungry.
This obsession has caused its own conflict especially on school holidays because a big part of me says, take it away, its no good for him, he should be out kicking a ball with his mates.
The other part of me remembers playing “Paperboy” on my Dads PC when PC’s just came out and I was addicted like seriously it was unreal! The child part of me is saying “Listen he is on his holidays, he could be doing a lot worse”.
Then it seems when I am thinking one way, my husband is thinking the other way and vice versa so basically the PlayStation is an evil bully that has entered our home and over stayed its welcome!

Our tween is asking for “Seconds”?
“Can I get my seconds done?”
Ok, so what are seconds, we ask unknowingly. Met with a look of disgust like we are total losers with a capital “L” that we do not know what seconds are.
Basically, I have learned that she is referring to a second ear piercing.
So of course, the answer is NO WAY, possibly when you are 75!

Our toddler has begun to playfully slap, pinch and scratch me, so that’s lovely.
Listen its gentle and playful but worrying at the same time.
I say “No. that is bold and not nice, you cannot do that” in a firm voice and try to not bring too much attention to the matter as I have read in so many books.
However, the jury is out on whether its working or not because so far, he just laughs in my face and try’s again…

Seriously, any advice on this one would be seriously appreciated?! Hopefully, just a phase.
Check back in soon for more entries into “Today, with a teen, tween & toddler.

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