“Will ye go again?”

“Will ye go again?”

Will ye go again?
This is a question I get asked so often and the answer… I hope so, but I don’t know when.
When is the best time to “go again”?
It’s not like your deciding whether to go down the slide again at the park, like this is huge!

• Are you willing to start all over again, just as you’ve come out of the woods, the sometimes dark woods?

• How will your baby/toddler cope with the change?

• Will they think you don’t love them anymore, as that thought alone breaks my heart.

• Will he/she feel jealous, alone or isolated?

• Can my body go through all of that again?

• Will it be another traumatic birth?

• Will I be sick throughout my pregnancy?

• Do we have the space?

• Will we be successful?

• Will I be able to be a great Mommy to everyone equally?

If all of the above is considered and you think YES I can go again because you know what, to have another baby, to have a little person that makes you feel so incredibly wonderful, who fills your heart with a love you never ever thought imaginable. Well that would be the greatest gift from God.

Then the next question is WHEN?
When should you go again?

My Mum says to me (and you know your Mum always ends up being right about everything, genuinely, although I never really realise it at the time) WAIT, wait 2 or 3 years. Get some of your life back. Enjoy your life and your freedom now while you’re still young and then when you are really craving another little baba, go for it!

On the other hand, others, my husband included, would like to think our babies would be nice and close in age, which makes a lot of sense, friends for life and all that.

Do you really want to get out of the woods completely  (a.k.a sleepless nights mainly), be on the beach sipping a cocktail and then go back to the dark woods?

I think my answer is YES I do because you know what, that woods isn’t so dark, those middle of the night feeds come with first smiles, warm cuddles, satisfied windies and an indescribable feeling of overwhelming love and pride.

When? Who knows…. Is there ever a right time?


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